Transport Phenomena
Transport Phenomena
Title Book: Transport Phenomena
ISBN 10: 9780972663588
ISBN 13: 0972663584
Publisher : Brodkey Publishing
Category : Science / Physics / General
Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
Pages : 516
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Télécharger Transport Phenomena livre en PDF, EPUB, MOBI, AZW gratuitement. Lire en ligne livre par Robert S. Brodkey. This book teaches the basic equations of transport phenomena in a unified manner and uses the analogy between heat transfer and mass and momentum to explain the more difficult concepts. Part I covers the basic concepts in transport phenomena. Part II covers applications in greater detail. Part III deals with the transport properties. The three transport phenomena-heat, mass, and momentum transfer-are treated in depth through simultaneous (or parallel) developments. Transport properties such as viscosity, thermal conductivity, and mass diffusion coefficient are introduced in a simple manner early on and then applied throughout the rest of the book. Advanced discussion is provided separately. An entire chapter is devoted to the crucial material of non-Newtonian phenomena. This book covers heat transfer as it pertains to transport phenomena, and covers mass transfer as it relates to the analogy with heat and momentum. The book includes a complete treatment of fluid mechanics for Ch. E's. The treatment begins with Newton's law and including laminar flow, turbulent flow, fluid statics, boundary layers, flow past immersed bodies, and basic and advanced design in pipes, heat exchanges, and agitation vessels. This text is the only one to cover modern agitation design and scale-up thoroughly. The chapter on turbulence covers not only traditional approaches but also includes the most contemporary concepts of the transition and of coherent structures in turbulence. The book includes an extensive treatment of fluidization. Computer programs and numerical methods are integrated throughout the text, especially in the example problems.